The 's And The Challenges Mary Crow Dog Essay

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From the 1800’s and the struggles of Tecumseh all the way through the 1970’s and the challenges Mary Crow Dog faced, the life of a Native American took great determination. Long before “white man”, Native Americans called America home. Slowly it was all altered. They were forced to give up their way of living, rituals and beliefs, and take drastic measures to prove their equality. In the words of Mary Crow Dog, “I do not consider myself a radical or revolutionary. It is white people who put such labels on us. All we ever wanted was to be left alone, to live our lives as we see fit. To govern ourselves in reality and not just on paper. To have our rights respected” (Lakota Woman, 111). Native Americans did not choose the life they were forced to lead, white people made that decision for them. It was often presented as if they had an option but in reality if they were to rebel the government would take action. The choices they were given were, assimilate with the white communities or move to a white appointed reservation. When Andrew Jackson presented the Cherokee with the Indian Removal Act in 1830 it was said “do not cherish the belief that you can ever resume your former political situation, while you continue in your present residence. As certain as the sun shines to guide you in your path, so certain is it that you cannot drive back the laws from among you. Every year will increase your difficulties” (Andrew Jackson, 4).
Native Americans were forced to leave their homes…

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