The Zulu Tribe Essay

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The Zulu tribe is from South Africa. The Zulu tribe live in a subtropical location that it very hot and dry. They get about four hundred sixty-four millimeters of rain annually, which is almost half of the world’s eight hundred sixty millimeters. In South Africa, there are no natural major rivers. One artificial river is the Orange River. This is a manmade river used for crop irrigation. This is the largest river in South Africa. On the west coast of South Africa lies Saldanha Bay. This is a natural harbor mainly used for the fishing industry.

Natural Environment

Mali, where the Dogon is settled, is on the Tropic of Cancer. This gives a very tropical climate to this African region. The Dogon tribe experience two main season. The first is the rainy or wet season. This refers to the time period between June and October where the area can experience heavy rainfall, which can equal almost one thousand four hundred millimeters of rain annually. The rest of the year is hot and dry with temperatures from twenty-four to thirty-two degrees Celsius.

The tribe of Dogon populate the Cliffs of Bandiagara, a one hundred forty-five kilometer stretch of escarpment in West Africa. An escarpment is a long, steep, slope usually on the edge of a plateau. These cliffs hold the population of over three hundred villages. This escarpment overlooks the Bongo plains. Around the Bandiagara, the land is becoming dryer and less fertile. This has led to the Dogon moving farther away…

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