The Zhuangzi : A Philosophical Perspective Essay

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The Zhuangzi, was a very famous Chinese philosopher who narrated various anecdotes and stories. These stories are a fundamental part of the philosophical teachings of Daoism. His thoughts are highly diverse, but very disorganized at the same time. Every story or statement of Zhuangzi, even though brief and rambled, has a philosophical viewpoint. He creates a fantasy world, with imaginary characters, and uses it as a ground to talk about issues surrounding life and death, without fear. Throughout his stories, Zhuangzi maintains the truth that the validity of any claim, is context or perspective oriented. He attacks the belief that there are any firm facts in the world and emphasizes on having individual flexibility to adjust one’s self in relation to the needs of the current situation. One of the most important topics Zhuangzi focuses on is death. According to Zhuangzi, transformation is the key guiding force in the world, and death is only an unremarkable aspect of human experience. The ideas and thoughts of Zhuangzi, and the methods used by him to explain about death are discussed in this paper. Zhuangzi approaches death with a naturalistic philosophy, and shows indifference towards it. He emphasizes on coping with death through understanding of natural processes. He offers a very interesting way of relating life and death to nature. He rejects the idea of mourning, as he feels the mourner assumes to know about the unknown. This is seen when Ch’in Shih, mourns only for…

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