Essay on The Yoruba 's Of West Africa Vision Of The World

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The Yoruba’s of West Africa vision of the world is allowing humans to acknowledge that they have a duty that is placed before their rebirth, but also living a fulfilling and promising life in which they are brought into. Their duties on earth are forgotten, and must wonder without being subjected into malicious activities that are looked down upon. Like many religions, the Yoruba’s do have a sacred called Olodumare. This sacred is known to be the highest god of them all and the Yoruba people do pray to him; However this sacred isn’t merged into any activities such as praising, sacrificing, or preforming rituals (William A. Young). Olodumare may be the highest god of them all, but the Orishas follow quickly behind and are separated into three categories: the gods who were actually present during the time in which creation was pieced together, nature, and highly viewed ancestors. Also, another view they have is their perspective of their sacred because there is another viewing that projects having Olodumare as what the forces of the orishas conceive and not an actually god figure itself (William A. Young). Each of the orishas have a special duty or force that drives them to be so highly looked upon and some even have living forms sacrificed to them.
The Yoruba religion can easily be compared to the Christianity views that are flourished in this modern era. Firstly, these two religions have a god to which their followers look up to and see above everything else. Olodumare can…

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