Native American Religion Essay

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Native American Religion
Native Americans migrated from Asia into Alaska around 12,000 or more years ago. Once they got to Alaska, they started to head south and east. Even when they started to move away from different tribes, they still maintained the same, or very similar, spiritual beliefs. They were the only group to live in the land where it is now called the United States of America. The 'older ' group of Native Americans considered themselves as 'Indians ' or 'American indians ', while the younger group would consider themselves as 'Indigenous ' or 'Aboriginal '. Since there were not writen guildlines for their culture, they had to teach their children orally and show them the religion, lifestyle and how to live. Native Americans were hunter and gatherers, so they were split up during the day and hunt for food
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The most important drawing they did was when the Europeans traveled into the 'New World '. The pictures they drew showed what happened in the eyes of the Native Americans. The Native Americans were being killed because their land was being taken over. Most Native Americans had to believe in the European 's culture to survive. Native Americans ' can spiritual belief relied on the religion, ceremonies, and the trouble they crossed with their spiritual beliefs.
There are different groups of religion that is practiced for Native Americans. When European 's started to move into the New World they made Native Americans believe in this religion, but had their own spin to it. They had a Native American Church, where an Episcopal Saint but was also a Sun Dancer. While, Native American Christians were able to construct and maintain their own religious without abandoning or rejecting native religious traditions. Another religion was Earth Lodge. This religion was founded by a tribe called Wintun, and was located in northern California and southern Oregon.

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