The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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In the 19th century women with nervous illnesses would be treated with the rest cure which “… involves isolation, enforced bed rest, and… constant feeding… reducing the dependency of an infant” (Science Museum). Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote the “The Yellow Wallpaper” in which the narrator undergoes severe depression after giving birth then is prescribed the rest cure by her husband/physician John. An analysis of the yellow wallpaper shows one perspective of gender relations during the 19th century was that women were inferior in marriages because they were kept in childish states, men would dominate their wives, and women did not have control over their lives.
Women were kept in childish states during this time period by their husbands and for that reason woman were never seen as equals in marriages. As the narrator describes the walls she “never saw so much expression in an inanimate thing ….” and compares it to “a child[s]… entertainment...”(Gilman 650 ). In this scene, her husband is not giving her the independence and is constantly making decisions for her, as you would for a child. So she reverts to childlike desires such as “sleeping most of the day and creeping around a nursery room” like an infant (Crowder). The story uncovers that gender divisions made women unaware and prevented their full growth which gave way to the position of the domestic role in the marriage. This role was given to women since they were thought to be incompetent to do work that was valued.…

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