The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Gilman

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In the 1800’s many women suffered from postpartum depression. Women became depressed after having a baby and doctors decided to treat them with the rest cure. These women were told to stay at home, leave their jobs, and simply do nothing until they got better. This was not a good method of treatment and Charlotte Gilman wrote the “Yellow Wallpaper” in order to show how the rest cure made women feel worse, instead of making them feel better. “The Yellow Wallpaper” involves the story of a women whose mental health deteriorates to the point of insanity due to the rest cure. Simply, doing nothing about their illness is not what is going to help these women. Gilman tries to portray the necessity for a better treatment for women dealing with depression, while undermining the rest cure.

The narrator’s husband, John is a doctor and he advises her to rest and remain in bed. He thinks that she is going to get better this way, but he fails to realize that her health is worsening. The narrator knows that his advice is not helping her, “Indeed he started the habit by making me lie down for an hour after each meal. It is a very bad habit I am convinced, for you see I don 't sleep. And that cultivates deceit, for I don 't tell them I 'm awake—O no!” However, she does not tell him because he claims that he knows best because he is a doctor. Gilman tries to show that staying in a room and doing nothing may not be the best thing for a depressed woman. The narrator asks her husband for…

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