The Writing Of Christopher Columbus Langdell Essay

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The writing of Christopher Columbus Langdell illustrates a strong defense of the current mandatory legal education. His talks and perspectives were the basis for an entire generation of upcoming lawyers and, for better or for worse, changed how the legal education system works by doing away with the accessibility of being a part of the legal system. By making law a “science”, Langdell was able to better educate the upcoming lawyers and legal professionals of his time. However there were major proponents for the Langdell style of teachings. One of those people being Duncan Kennedy. Kennedy had glaring and obvious issues in the current law system, such as the law schools teaching benefiting the well off and other select parts of society, all forms of law being static or unchanging, and the actual study of law being cut off from the actual practice of law. Kennedy drew major issues with the scientific notion of law and brought up excellent arguments against it. Langdell shows the reasons why the scientific method of law and the current legal education system holds up today and why it should be mandatory, however Kennedy shows the cracks in the system and brings to light the many obvious flaws it has. Before mandatory legal education, apprenticeship was the way in which one would try to join the legal profession. Anyone who was able to get the money together and apprentice behind an already appointed judge or lawyer could simply follow behind them and learn from them. This…

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