The Writers at Woody Point Festival Essay

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Writers at Woody Point Inc. need to make important decisions for the growth and sustainability of the festival. Stephen Brunt wants to ameliorate the economic development of the festival and nearby communities. The business needs to find new sources of revenue and develop an effective marketing strategy; they need to decide the best product, price, promotion, place, distribution and segmentation for the woody point festival.
The Writers at Woody Point Festival has a potential to generate more revenue because many people have been found interested in the literature. The festival has even experienced growth and attracted more number of people. With its tickets
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Moreover, the threat is intensified by the variety of shows presented by each competitor. Some shows are even free and others are paid so there is a high probability that customers might get attracted to the free shows.
The business needs to decide the new marketing strategy and marketing plan on the basis of its effectiveness and outcomes. After analyzing the whole scenario and observing the does and don’ts of the several competitors, it is evident that the business would need to sustain success in future. Hence, the best alternative would be the one which would attract more number of people, increase the revenue stream with alternative ways, provide greater revenue with lesser costs, and increase the awareness throughout the locality. In summary, we will select the alternative which would increase revenue, number of attendees and the awareness about the festival.
By analyzing different facts and information from the case, I have presented three potential alternatives below. These three alternatives have been evaluated on the basis of decision and criteria and are supposed to meet the requirements of the current situation. From these three alternatives, one best alternative would be chosen and the success and future of Writers at Woody Point festival will rely on that for the next few years. Let us take a look on the alternatives:

The first

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