The Wound Dresser, By Walt Whitman Essay example

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“The Wound-Dresser,” by Walt Whitman, is a gruesome poem that brings his readers face to face with the cruel realities of war. The wound-dresser is about the nurse talking about the fatally injured victims of Civil War and how he had taken care of them. Whitman himself was a nurse in the battle field. This poem allows the readers to see what he saw, and feel what he felt. His main theme that I found is that he used literary techniques to emphasis his writing, showed that nurses also could be brave as soldiers, and pointed out the reality of the society.
The literary techniques that he used is symbolism. He symbolized the society using the patient in line 48 (1457). He used symbolism to note the reality of the society. I will later describe more how he used it. Not only he used symbolism, he used past tense and present tense out of order. For example, he used past tense when he saw old man talking to children about his past as a soldiers in the beginning of the poem. Whitman used past tense, such as “fingers fail’d me”, “face droop’d”, and etc. (1455). Then, the narrator slowly begins to talk about his past as a nurse. But when he talked about his past, Whitman used present tense, such as “I undo”, “remove the slough”, and etc. Using these techniques gains readers’ attentions more.
We always appreciate what our soldiers do for us, and they are our heroes. But Whitman prominently pointed out the duty of doctors and nurses “behind the scene”. He acknowledged that nurses are…

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