The World's Wife Poem Analysis

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Gender Relationship
Women were always superiors to their men. Women are generally seen as weak, incomplete, and unwise. Men monopolize everything, even if they are not as qualified as women. Duffy in her collection of poems, The World’s Wife tried to change this equation and to show that women are not weaker than men naturally but social values and traditions are the obstacles that prohibit women from getting their rights. I agree with Duffy’s view of the relationship between both men and women, as flawed relation from, and I will use her poems Penelope, Pygmalion Bride, Little Red Cap, Eurydice, and Circe as evidence. Women are always marginalized, and their feelings are neglected
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Most of the texts have been showing that men are the heroes, and they always can get what they want, but they show women us weak creatures who cannot survive without men. But Duffy tries to break this tradition down because the outcomes of the relations are not drawn by the gender or the race, but individuals. Most of her poems are consider as the victories of women by using different strategies. The poems shows that women are not weak and they can be creative. In “Little Red Cup” Duffy shows a relation between a minor girl and a wolf, which is a metaphor of men. Rosemary Jackson claims that there is a hint refers to the end of childhood by saying “deep into the wood – away from home”. This means that she is in relationship with the wolf, and it will affect the girl negatively. Jackson says that this poem is about a women …show more content…
In “Pygmalion bride”, and there is a hint that women always have to change herself and endure everything to “fit the ideals of a man.” Even if women changed themselves to survive and have better relation, men are so selfish and unfaithful. An Example for this is “Thetis” the women tried to change herself to fulfill the man desires, and for love. Duffy says she’s “a bird in the hand of man”, but she was squeezed by the man’s fist. Then she tries to be albatross, and then snake. But there is no reward for this, but instead the women have been abused by the man. Duffy shows that men are not faithful, and they will leave as soon as they get what they want from women without any respects for women’s feeling as a person involved in this relation. For example in Pygmalion Bride the man left when she tries to get her rights in this relation and turn from passive to

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