The Worlds Of Penelope : Women Essays

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In a journal article by Barbara A. Olsen titled The Worlds of Penelope: Women in the Mycenaean and Homeric Economies, Olsen states that, “Epic’s treatment of women of rank focuses nearly exclusively on issues pertaining to the royal oikos: marriage, family, and royal succession.” (Olsen page 125). Throughout The Odyssey, we see this statement in action with the treatment of the women Odysseus encounters. Olsen states, “Both evidentiary sets depict strongly gendered, sex-segregated societies where the vast majority of property and social institutions are controlled by men. However, when we examine how the Homeric texts represent women in their best-attested Bronze Age roles: palace servants/slaves, cult officials, and aristocratic wives (or perhaps daughters), important differences emerge.” (Olsen 121). This statement opens our eyes to the growing importance of women in society. Homer, author of The Odysseus, enlightens us in the tribulations Odysseus faces as he fights to return home to his loving wife and son. He uses his mind and cunning abilities to outwit the creatures he encounters along the way. As we follow his travels, he faces many different types of women. Including Athena-the protector, Penelope-the loving wife, and Calypso-the devastatingly beautiful goddess-nymph.. These women are all so different, yet all so alike as well. Homer illustrates the importance of women in The Odyssey by describing the roles in vivid detail of these different women and how each of…

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