Essay The World War II Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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James Joll was a follower of the Fisher school of thought in that he believed that the opening of the German war guilt clause in the Treaty of Versailles was relevant in the discussion of the origins of World War II, but that it allowed for there to be a humanization of the actors in World War I. In his study of History is focus is not on only the political and diplomatic issues that arise from war but the impact that individuals have on the system. In the case of WWI there was many countries whose base of power was concentrated in one central person. If one person is the basis of all foreign affairs it is safe to assume that their proceeding actions are a result of their own political ambitions and are thus open to bias. Fishers view on the war was slightly different seeing as fisher was solely focused on how Germany was the cause of not only the first World War but also the second in that they allowed the continuation of radial political agendas, thus creating monsters such as Hitler and the Third Reich. Fisher is focused predominately on the primary sources of the time, most of which came from parts of Germany that were still very much hidden from the rest of the scholastic community. His ability to gather information from those in East Germany, served as an issue for many of his critics. In Joll’s article he states that, “One of the most widespread grounds for attacking Fisher is that he has dealt exclusively with German war aims and worked exclusively on German…

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