The World Of Love With A Golden Romance : Gustav Klimt 's The Kiss

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The World in Love With a Golden Romance: Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss Gustav Klimt’s oil and gold leaf painting on canvas, The Kiss of 1908 is his interpretation of the society in which he found himself, views on religion, nature, and sex and love. The perfectly square painting’s foreground is a lush green mound covered in hundreds of small pink, gold, red, and purple flowers. The greenery extends over three-fourths of the painting. The middle ground hosts a couple, male and female, arms locked in a great intimate embrace. The composition is very simple; allowing the viewer’s attention to rest solely upon the couple; with closer observation it’s almost difficult to tell when one-person ends and the other begins. The man, taller than his female counterpart, stands with his face towards her, his head reaching the edge of the picture plane; his curly hair is adorned with a crown of leaves. His golden cloak is fitted with squares of varying sizes in the colors black, white, and off-white. The woman also wears a golden robe covered in a pattern featuring circular shapes with colorful flowers in the centers; her hair is woven with a mixture of flowers. Her face is turned towards the viewer, her expression one of bliss from the love of this moment. At the end of the gold lock are tons of tiny, delicate gold vines with little leaves draped over her kneeling legs, which rest on meadows edge. The couple is surrounded by a brighter golden halo which transitions into the background a darker…

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