Essay about The World Of 1984 By George Orwell

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When George Orwell wrote his famous dystopian novel 1949 the world of 1984 seemed like a very possible future for the world. Of course the year 1984 passed and despite the fact that it did not resemble Orwell’s nightmare it 's dystopian features have the potential of coming into fruition in the future. Some may fear that the world we live in is becoming like 1984, but that is not the case. The world today is not transforming into George Orwell’s dystopia in 1984 due to the fact that people today push back against oppression and fight for their individual freedoms, while those alive in Orwell’s novel do not push back against oppression, and accept it as their reality.
The government present in 1984 and the United States government both abuse their power without the explicit knowledge of their people, but what differentiates the people in these worlds is how the individual reacts to the knowledge of the government’s abuses. In the world of 1984 the government has oppressed it’s people for seemingly decades and abused immense powers over everyone. Winston at multiple points in the novel acknowledges some of the immoral activities enacted by his own government. Winston works in the Department of Records, and his job is to alter any book, newspaper article, or any public document which presents anti party ideals. This sets it up so that the older versions of the documents can be completely replaced, and for everyone to believe that those were the versions of the documents that…

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