The World Bank Defines Poverty Essay

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The World Bank defines poverty as a deprivation in the well-being; saying that is the standard that permits a person to be able to maintain the capacity to have good health, to increase the possibility to have a good level of education or to have enough food. In opposite, side this can also be the definition of well-being adding that is instead to have the capacity and the resources to enjoy all does things; measured on the income of a person. (p527)
Knowing the definition of poverty is not possible to distinguish the which ‘grade’ of poverty that is talked about; because the sociologist divided anther the word poverty, two levels of it ,saying that there is an absolute or extreme poverty and relative poverty. Someone that is not able to provide the basic conditions that are needed to sustain a physically healthy life; in other words, the extreme poverty is someone that is not able to provide a primary need, like food, shelter and clothing. Instead, the person who is classified as a relative poor is someone that live in a society and is below the standard of the society minimum living wage called the poverty line. It is argued that sometimes people that live in a developed society are saying that they are living in absolute poverty because for example they do not have running water or toilets or to say that the regular consumption of vegetables and fruit are a luxury for someone and a need for someone else. So identifying a commune level of poverty or give an equal…

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