Essay on The World And Me By Ta Nehisi Coates

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Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates did not only inform and educate the readers, but it also had the power to open the eyes and minds of many. He created this sense of power because he did not simply address the topic of racial issues in America. He thoroughly explained racism and included every aspect of it, whether is was a feeling, thought, or theory. He used his personal experience to allow the readers to create an idea of how if feels to be a black man in America. Race plays a role in almost every topic or issue, which provided the opportunity to connect other readings to this book.
Race is the primary theme of this book, every topic or experience that he shared could be traced and connected to the topic of race and racism. To develop this primary theme and others that tie into this theme such as systematic oppression, he used the stories from his life. A story that helped develop racism and race in this text was Coastes DWB ( Driving While Black) story. Coates addressed the fears that he had the moment he was pulled over “I sat there in terror” ( Between The World and Me, Coates page 75). Although the officers never explicitly stated why they pulled him over, Coates knew that it was because of his race and the racism that has been passed down to generations.The fear that went through Coates body and mind was because he was a Black man in America. This fear that was conditioned into Coates and is still conditioned into young Black males today, comes from…

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