The Works Of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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One last author that is very famous for their romanticist works is Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar was born January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. Just like all other romanticists writers, Edgar found himself in his writings. He didn’t like the idea of working for a business like his family. Edgar aware of his true passion began to dabble in writing. By the time Edgar went into the army and published works with the names Tamberlane and Aaraaf. After leaving the army, Edgar began writing full time. Edgar is a writer who not only wrote romantic pieces but he was known for being a gothic romanticist. Edgar wrote such strange and new stories that he was considered “Father of the detective story,” ( A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2015. ). One of Edgar’s most famous writings that greatly embodies the full use of gothic romanticism was published in 1845 with the name of The Raven. It is considered one of the greatest works Poe has ever created in his lifetime. In the story the themes Poe addresses is death and loss. The Raven was about a man living alone in his home and someone begins to knock on his door, at first he ignores it and soon after he hears another knock. Once he opened the door all he heard was the word Nevermore. In the end the raven just aggravates the man by constantly repeating Nevermore. The man then realizes just like his love Lenore, his friends will leave him and then he begins to settle down and learns to live with the echoing voice of the word…

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