Essay about The Working High School Student

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The Working Student By the age of seventeen your legally old enough to get a driver 's permit, build credit, and get a job. These are responsibilities that we because introduced to as we are in high school. Some say that it 's too much for the high school student, for example Author of Working at McDonald 's, Amitai Etzioni. While others feel that this is a rite of passage, it 's a time for teens to get a feel for adulthood. In many ways, the working high school student redefines the views of responsibility and this will help them develop personal growth and autonomy. Amitai Etzioni and I can both agree, working for a company that is production line operate, I not a place for the high school student. Where the individual is more like a machines than a developing human beings, is restrict for the high school student. Etzioni 's belief that high school students are inadequate to multi- function between school and work. They are not equipped to be professional in any place, only thinking about drugs and parties. "There is no father or mother figure with which to identify, to emulate, to provide a role model and guidance" (Etzioni A., pg. 251). A food-production line, like McDonald 's, would certainly leave room for an adolescent to not only be distracted from their school work, onset boredom, and more mischievous thoughts or action to fill that void. Never the less, A place of work, that gives worth for the high school student would be more impactful. Either way, working for…

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