Essay on The Work Of Art I Chose

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The work of art I chose -- “Sphere Lutétia” is created by Jesús Rafael Soto. He was a Venezuelan op and kinetic artist who born in 1923 and passed away in 2005, at the age of 81. Most of his artworks have shown the connection to space. This particular artistic form developed by Soto is broadly known as the “Penetrable”. The “Sphere Lutétia” that created in 1996 is regarded as a representative one. It has been exhibited in "Les Champs de la sculpture” in Paris and Miami Art Basel in 1996. And it was recently displayed in the Perrotin Gallery in Paris, France. This installation is made of painted cods in three colors – white, red and black. The whole sphere is in large size with a dimension of 600 x 600 x 600 cm. The large triple colored sphere is suspended to a square canopy and could be displayed either indoors or outdoors. Soto picked metal as the materials to present this subject matter. Each metal rod is with different painted proportion of the three colors. Some are with longer black part, while others with longer white red part. “This virtual sphere seems to be divided horizontally in red and white, under the black cylinder” . The metals rods juxtaposed each other with the vibration motif. The numerous opening and closing gaps between the rods have created illusions as well. This collection of rods looks like rain frozen into flexible icicles or like the parallel lines that appear in so much of Soto’s work. It invites the viewers to step inside within the perimeter and…

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