The Work Load Is More Towards Adolescents And Adults Essay

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11.1) No matter where you are every country expects you to contribute in some form of work. Children do some work, but the work load is centered more towards adolescents and adults. Adolescents work helps prepare them to be real members of their community and take their place in the adult work load. In traditional cultures they’re considered hunters, gathers, or they work with live stock. Men do the hunting and fishing in traditional cultures and bring their adolescent along so they can see how it’s done. Women do not hunt, but they sometimes go along to throw nets, set traps, or scare game out of hiding for the men to shoot. In some of the traditional cultures you are not seen as a man until you’ve made your first kill. For example, the Bushmen in Africa will not be allowed to marry until they kill an antelope proving that they can protect and provide for their future family. Adolescence learn how to fish much like they learned how to hunt except, fishing all requires them to learn boating and navigation skills. For example, the adolescent is the South Sea Islands learn to navigate by using the constellations to guide them. While the men hunt and fish the women learn to gather. When they gather they are finding editable wild fruits and vegetables in their area to contribute to the food supply, this is a sustainable amount. The women and men contribute to the food supple in a surprisingly equal amount. Globalization has affected this way of life normally they travel with…

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