The Women 's Suffrage Movement Essay

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The Women’s Suffrage Movement The women’s suffrage movement in Great Britain has been the subject of numerous debates over the recent years. During the nineteenth century, women were not allowed to hold any position in the British Parliament nor allowed to vote for political leaders. Social roles for women during this time period were based on the ideology of separate spheres. In these separate spheres, women were responsible for raising children and taking care of the household, and men were responsible for bringing home an income and dealing with political decisions. However, the Industrial Revolution gave women more opportunities to enter the work forces as unskilled workers and organize as a group. These opportunities meant that women could now gather and discuss political and social problems that they were facing in Great Britain.
This newfound independence gave rise to the first women’s suffrage campaigns in the 1860s and brought women together to protest their rights. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, women had no rights to file for divorce, own property, vote or get the same education as men. However, the nineteenth century brought changes to women issues, more women were starting to recognized the imbalanced of power between the sexes and saw winning the right to vote would bring them closer to equality. During the starting stages of the women’s suffrage movement, elite and middle class women were the driving force in the movement. However, as the…

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