The Woman Who Loved The Moon Essay

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Same-sex relationships have always had a difficult time being represented properly in the media. Society seems to naturally resist change, so this lack of acceptance is likely to be encountered. Until recently, homosexuality has been widely considered unacceptable by the general population. Even though today society is far more accepting of the practice, there is still considerable resistance to it. Despite the fact that the media seems to have a difficult time properly representing same-sex relationships, author Elizabeth A. Lynn has been properly representing these relationships since she started writing. One of her works, The Woman Who Loved the Moon represented one of these relationships. The Woman Who Loved the Moon represented same-sex relationships as being quite normal and acceptable societally. One can find elements of the short story detailing this in how The Woman Who Loved the Moon represents such relationships quite casually, how the story both builds upon and pulls away from the classic heterosexual relationships seen in other fairy tales, and how revolutionary the story was at the period of history that it was written in.
Elizabeth A. Lynn’s The Woman Who Loved the Moon is notable for representing same-sex relationships quite casually; depicting them as quite normal and acceptable in our society. This can be seen at many points during the plot. First, the names of the characters are quite gender-neutral. The names “Kai” and “Sedi” both have no particular…

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