The Winter Of Our Discontent Essays

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In the Short Story “The Winter of our discontent”, John Steinbeck expresses his views of the world and of its corruption. Ethan Hawley was introduced to us as a good hard working person who was exceedingly generous towards others even though he was often a victim of betrayal. He lived in a world where no one respected him because of his social status, which slowly ate away his honesty and moral value. What made it worse was that he endured endless accounts of pressure from his family and was expected to do better even though Ethan struggled to maintain his belief in this corrupt society. He came back to realize the mistakes he has done and wanted to change back to his old ways. We can compare this to the recent Occupy movement that happened in New York about economical injustice where citizens stood up against corrupt people and corporations. However Steinbeck illustrates to us the negative aspect of society. We frequently try to find ways to get the burden off our shoulders that usually consumes and turns us to a savage person willing to do anything to see ourselves succeed.
Ethan’s father was a wealthy man who owned majority of New Baytown and all of the whaling ships. This all collapsed when Ethan’s father made a couple of bad investments, which took a toll on his wealth. This barely left anything for his family, which forced Ethan to work as a clerk at a grocery store that was once owned by his father. Ethan felt that Mr. Baker who is a banker had purposefully bankrupted…

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