The Winter Of Our Discontent Analysis

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The Novel, “The winter of Our Discontent” written by John Steinbeck is related to the literature of the American Seminar course. Within the novel, it has many moments in which the protagonist, Ethan Hawley, reflects upon himself and his decisions in life. He often refers to his,” Place”, where he goes to sort of meditate and become one with nature. He describes his Place as, “That is my place , the place everyone needs.I was compelled to go and sit inside there and hear the little waves slap the stone and look out at the sawtooth Whitsun rocks” ( pg. 55-56). Ethan’s place is represented as an area where he can completely let go from his daily life and reconnect, with the help of nature. This is similar to the Transcendental way of living life, which consists of the belief that God is in nature and if one wants to truly reconnect with their lives, they must expose themselves to nature. Following the Transcendental theology, nature is also a place where one can find spiritual manifestations, which can be connected to Ethan’s shift from being a grocery clerk to doing something different every day. Ethan’s son, Allen, even demonstrates in his “ I love America Paper” that man is practically nothing compared to the universe, which is ripped right from the theology of the Transcendentalists ( pg. 351).
Ethan’s thoughts can be related to texts of the Slavery Narratives. In the Novel, Ethan’s thoughts are constantly with him, in which the reader can dive into the mind of Ethan,

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