The Wife Of Bath 's Tale Essay

1411 Words Dec 26th, 2014 6 Pages
Rachel Gaunt

Professor Hall


December 26, 2014

Dear Professor Hall: While conducting a quick glance through the readings required to make a decision on which character I would choose for this assignment, my attention was immediately drawn to the female character of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. It was at this point in time I had decided I would utilize her as the character who I thought would likely find themselves a spot within the Circles of Hell of Dante’s Inferno. That said, the focus of my paper revolves around the placement of the Wife of Bath within the Circle of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. I chose this option because I am intrigued with the story Dante’s Inferno most of all, and having read over “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” a few times over, I had found the character within the second tale to be an easy placement.
 I do not think my views of the works did not change, nor did my views of the characters change within those works. I still feel a great dislike for the female character, the Wife of Bath, as everything she did went against my own personal beliefs. That said, my opinion and understanding of the story itself did not change as I still do not like it or the character there within.
 The hardest part in writing this essay was trying to figure out which character I would utilize. There are so many characters that could have been a potential option, and it wasn’t until I reached “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” that I had decided. Furthermore, another…

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