The Whitechapel Murders Summary : The Tale Of Jack The Ripper

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The Whitechapel Murders Summary

The tale of Jack the Ripper has traveled far and wide over generations, and as it has traveled it picked up bits and pieces of myth that just adds to the mirage that is known today as Jack the Ripper. He was responsible for at least five known murders of prostitutes in Victorian London during the 1880’s. He used a knife to rip up his victims, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly, who were all prostitutes that were sexually mutilated and slaughtered.
The first victim was Mary Anne Nichols. Everyone who knew her called her Polly though. One night Polly was determined to make the money she needed to stay in a room for the night. She set out to earn it through prostitution. She earned her money and used it to drink herself into a stupor. She left her lodging mate at 2:30am hoping to make her money one last time. But, unfortunately this was the last time anybody saw Polly until the early hours of the morning when the market porter, Charles Cross, was walking the streets he came upon Polly’s body on Buck’s Row. She was cold to the touch so he went for help. When he came back with help they found a single slash across her throat. After a later examination there was mutilation to the public and abdominal regions. This was truly the first Ripper murder.
The next victim Annie Chapman was found in the backyard of a terraced house with many people living in the house at all times. This backyard was a…

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