The White Rules Of Supremacy Essay example

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From the moment the chains ' broke and we had a taste of freedom, we knew that things would never be the same, but yet as new generations came about, we soon were told that we are still beneath them, that we are still not as important as they are, that we are still expected to know our place, and that place is still at the bottom, that we are still nothing. But when we question their word and ask why, they have to create reasons to how we are so “inferior”, and the only reason they could come up with, is that it’s because they said so. But even when we try to explain that they are wrong, they refuse to listen. They are scared of losing their title, scared of change, and scared of the truth, and that they have to tell themselves that they are better, all to believe that they are at the top.That is what most African Americans thought about the white rules of supremacy; authors Hubert Harrison, James Baldwin, and Ta-Nehisi Coates; all African Americans authors that all seem to agree,in their letters such as Letter to my nephew by James Baldwin and Between the world and me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, letters by the authors; and a Newspaper editorial, Race Prejudice II, by Hubert Harrison;That race is an ignored excuse for whites to gain and be prepotent at the degeneracy of African Americans. And although the three authors have the same concept in each of their writings (The fear of the destruction of black lives), each piece of writing has its differences.

Hubert Harrison was…

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