Essay on The West Of Florid Sam And His Family

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It all started on resort in the Key West of Florida. Sam and his family were on one of their typical traveling excursions when they saw a ghost boat drifting along the shore. It was late in the evening when they saw the boat. Sam’s family knew something strange was about to happen. From the boat dock, they see people jumping off the boat into the ocean. There were so many people it was like watching clowns getting out of their small car with twenty or more people crammed inside.
A man ran up to Sam and starting speaking a jumble of Spanish words, none of which Sam would understand. His mother tried to signal to the man that Sam doesn’t speak Spanish but the man was confused and kept pointing to Sam, assuming he spoke Spanish people of the color of his skin. Another person started frantically saying, “Cell phone! Cell phone!” as if he were asking to use their cell phones. No one on the boat dock had their phones on them since they had been playing shuffle board just moments ago.
Sam’s mother started to get a funny feeling about who these people were, but then remembered there is an FBI agent vacationing in the home next to theirs. The agent comes out only to find that the boat and everyone and realizes that the men on the boat are all traveling from Cuba. The FBI agent instantly arrest the owner of the boat and gives sanctions to the Cuban authorities. The scene is then flocked with police and state troopers to arrest the rest of the men on the boat. Sam retells his tale to…

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