The Weapon Of World War I Essay example

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In many wars, the innovation and experiments created and conducted by science for the welfare of people were used to wreck the enemies in the war. World War I introduces assault rifles, advanced cannons and planes to the combat zone. Be that as it may, the most damaging weapon of World War I was designed in DeKalb, Illinois in 1874 to help cows agriculturists keep control of their herds. Joseph Glidden, the farmer from Illinoi invented a useable type of security fencing subsequent to seeing a case at a County fair. First it was used to fence, large areas of the American West, amid World War I spiked metal was hung by the mile in front of the opposing trenches. As Army from one armed force charged over the shell-cratered cratered hell of No Man 's Land, they would get to be distinctly tangled in the wire, easy pickings for the machine gunners from opposite trench. The most dreaded weapon of the war was toxic gas. Initially utilized by the Germans at the Second Battle of Ypres on 22 April 1915, chlorine, mustard and different gasses were utilized to attempt to break the stalemate of trench fighting. The impacts of gas were frightful; chlorine brought about the lungs to breakdown and choke the victim to death; mustard gas blinded its casualties, and different types of gas created the skin to blaze and nerves to seize. The most well-known of the numerous ballads to originate from the trenches, Wilfred Owen 's Dulce et Decorum Est, discusses the horror of watching a friend failed…

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