The Watergate Scandal: I Am Not A Crook

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“I Am Not a Crook”
Political leaders of the United States were once idolized. However, the publishing of the Pentagon Papers and the Vietnam War made the public wary of their government’s internal motives. In 1972, five men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, who were linked to President Richard M. Nixon. The public’s opinion of a corrupt government was solidified. Politics and journalism changed forever. The Watergate Scandal led to government reform, an increase in popularity of journalism, and America’s distrust in their government.
On June 17, 1972, five men were captured and arrested in the Democratic National Committee Building (Tracy 8). A bag of bugging equipment and $2,300 in hundred-dollar
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With help from Felt and outside sources, Bernstein and Woodward discovered Attorney General John Mitchell controlled a secret account used to pay for criminal activities ordered by Nixon. The White House denounced all information printed by The Washington Post and threaten the newspaper to stop the publication of their articles (“The Watergate”). However, the news articles did not affect the citizen’s trust in Nixon, and he was re-elected for President in November of 1972 by a landslide (Tracy 10). Woodward and Bernstein did not stop investigating the Watergate break-in. After delays in the investigation of the White House caused by Nixon’s aides, the FBI finally infiltrated the White House to prosecute senior officials for perjury and obstruction of justice.
In April of 1973, four of Nixon’s closest aides resigned. According to Woodward and Bernstein, Nixon replied to the resignations by “accepting full responsibility for the actions of his subordinates in the Watergate Scandal.” The scandal began to spread beyond the original Watergate burglary. Woodward and Bernstein revealed that the Watergate burglars, Hunt and Liddy, broke into the office of Daniel Ellsberg, the analyst who gave the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times (Ambrose, “Triumph of”
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After General Ford, Jimmy Carter was elected the thirty-ninth President of the United States of America. According to Tom Smith, director of the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, “Carter got his chance because of Watergate” (Brown). Carter’s main campaign pledge was, “I will never lie to you” (Brown). After Nixon and Ford, America was paranoid of dishonest government officials. Even though Carter had the thinnest credentials of any President before 1976, he was elected president by ensuring an honest presidency (Brown). In our current society, Donald trump and Hilary Clinton are both seen as dishonest. However, Trump may have been elected due to the mentality the Watergate Scandal left of the American public. Hilary Clinton was involved in politics for many years, while Trump is an outsider. Americans seem to entrust outsiders to help fix their government, even though they may not be the most qualified to become the President of the United

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