Essay about The Waste Of Plastic Waste

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Municipalities in the USA and indeed around the World are generating growing numbers of plastic waste than ever before and the facts are that only a small percentage of it is recycled. In many developing countries plastics and other byproducts litter streets, drains, rivers and much of that ends up in the oceans. In the USA, the EPA estimates that the municipal solid waste stream contains more than 12 percent of plastic. This figure has grown consistently over the past fifty years, from one percent in the 1960’s. Additionally, the EPA estimates that as consumers are buying increasing amounts of plastic only 8 percent of it gets recycled because the plastics industry almost never uses recycled plastics in their products, unlike what obtains in the the glass and metal industries.
There also seems to be some misconception related to the recycling arrows stamped on plastic products where cities that collect all kinds of plastic waste using their recycling trucks lead the public to conclude that all plastic products are recyclable and worse, are being recycled. The facts reveal that this is not the case and a large percentage of non-recyclable plastics are separated and landfilled.
Those who promote the use of plastics have produced several compelling reasons for the continued use of plastics. Firstly, because plastics are durable, light and reusable, the manufacturing industry can minimize the material used and the waste generated by creating plastic products and packaging. They…

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