Essay on The, Washington, D.c. Lawyer

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Imagine a normal day at home, maybe watching television or making dinner, then something smashes against the side out the house, ripping it away from its foundation. It’s all a blur at first, until the black sludge starts to sweep into your house, it becomes clear immediately, this is West Virginia after all. The dam had broken, sending refuse and water borrowing down the valley, wiping away everything in its path. Somehow, you make it to the roof, revealing for the first the true depth of the destruction. Everything you know destroyed, the town where you live, work and raise your family, washed away by the very thing that provides you with those same things. But you survived, and now are tasked with rebuilding your life, but with what? It’s all gone. Then a hotshot, Washington, D.C. lawyer comes to town saying he wants to help. Skeptical at first, his persistence shows the guinuineship of his effort, so you decide to let him represent you. And so begins the legal battle that is described in Gerald Stern’s book “The Buffalo Creek Disaster”, a retelling of the events that happened following one of West Virginia’s worst tragedies from the perspective of their lawyer who is also the author of this novel. Not only is this story heart wrenching, but it provides a good insight into the inner working of a high profile lawsuit. The first legal issue discussed was concerning jurisdiction, in particular, whether or not they could sue the Pittston Company, which was based in New…

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