Essay The War Of World War II

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World War II is one of the deadliest war in history that results to cost millions of dollars for war resources among the nations that involved during the war. Many lives are killed and the ones that survived was scarred for life physically as well as emotionally. World War II started not long after World War I ended which started from 1939-1945. During that time the United States is just recovering from the Great Depression, however the Americans were really determine to win the war so they put all their time, man power, and efforts to prove that Americans can do it. The provided an excellent articles regarding World War II. It was interesting and fun to read for the link provided some true stories and pictures from the war. One interesting thing that was interesting is the link about the war production. It seems like during the war, the main priority of United States was to produce more war supplies. President Roosevelt spent too much money and used different techniques in order to afford war equipments although during that time the United States was just recovering from the Great Depression. I never thought that car companies that still exists today used to manufactured supplies that was used in World War II such as Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, and etc. Also companies that produced aluminum and brass made billions of dollars and employed thousands of workers such as women and minorities. I never thought that World War II effects made the United States economy…

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