The War Of Anti Americanism Essay

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The past 20 or so years have undeniably been stormy ones for our country.
Between threats of terrorism, huge schisms in ideology, and accusations of anti patriotism, it’s no wonder the coming presidential election is heating up to be more of a three ring circus than an exercise in civic responsibility.

However, “it all comes ‘round again” has been my take on American history, and while this type of uber patriotism flames up from time to time, I’m reminded of another specific time in American history when charges of anti Americanism were rampant. So rampant in fact, laws were passed that seemed to go against the freedoms we were fighting for in the first place!!

Let’s hop in the old historical time machine to the turbulent 1790s, our country was suffering greatly from growing pains. We had finally won our independence, and were trying to figure out our place in the world. At the same time, France was having troubles of its own in the form of its own revolution. A little scuffle called the XYZ Affair was a French attempt to solicit bribes from American commissioners negotiating a settlement that aroused a wave of anti-French feelings. They were becoming a threat to our humble domicile, and President John Adams felt something must be done. Enter the Alien and Sedition Acts. These were a series of laws passed by the Federalist Congress, who in 1798, saw foreigners as a threat to American security, and signed into law by President

In short, these laws…

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