Essay on The War Is Not Only Responsible For Wiping Away Human Life

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War has been, and will always continue to be, an unavoidable reality of human life and an inherent trait of the human condition. From almost the inception of man’s existence as a species, he has warred with his neighbor, fighting and dying over dimensions of geographic space, quantities of wealth and natural resources, and/or considerations of pride and hubris. Tens of thousands of years worth of human “progress” later, war still remains a prominent feature of human existence and constitutes a very important part of the international system. Fortunately for political scientists, the existence of war as an inherent and permanent feature of international discourse has always served as a seemingly inexhaustible route of inquiry.
Strategies applied in war are not only responsible for wiping away human life but target the emotional and psychological facet of the human mind too. And for good reason too. Psychoanalytical studies prove that it is easier to weaken a person when you attack his mind, his memories and his emotional state and hence engender vulnerability in them.
The destruction of memory: architecture at war describes this phenomenon as a strong weapon of destruction in war. Crimes against humanity and architectural annihilation have often gone hand in hand in history. This practice does not only calls for the obliteration of human beings, but the eradication of all physical reminders of their presence in their consequent homelands. The urban fabric of a…

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