Essay on The War I, World War II

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As with World War I, World War II interrupted the rapid expanding field of electronics because all American electronic companies turned their patents over to the military effort. In turn, many of the developments in communication technology would come from the war efforts. The military used film productions to create training films, and many post war professionals in motion pictures and television would get their start working for the military. Both the German and Japanese, and the Allies advanced the use of motion pictures as a rhetorical tools to persuade toward war and continue to fan support for war efforts. Simulators were first used in this war, to train troops toward the ability to react to varying situations. Engineers who had first created television and advanced radio, would be used by the military to develop radar and create communications systems. Developments in higher frequencies would ultimately be used by both FM radio and television. Miniaturization of equipment through the use of circuits would eventually eliminate the vacuum tube, and make radios a smaller, more portable device. Advances in radar, would be applied to weather forecasting, and would many years later be used in satellite communications and television. During WWII, mathematical calculation were used to determine many different operation scenarios, and this led to the movement toward computerization. Though computerization began right before the war, the support of the military would cause…

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