The War I And World War II Essay

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In both World War I and World War II the United States had moments of neutrality before they joined the war and for each war there was a major cause to bring the United States into the war. "MERICANS LIKE TO think of World War II as "The Good War": an unambiguous and unifying conflict that pitted the nation against the forces of evil. Although this narrative rings true, it masks the fact that in the two years prior to the U.S. entry into the war the American people and their political leaders were divided over the role that the Republic should play in the European crisis. "(Faulkner) Although the entire nation was split up over whether we should or shouldn 't enter WWII, there are many convincing reasons to why the US should enter WWII, but also many reasons on why they should not. We can 't say for sure what would have happened if we decided not to join this war, but we also can 't say it would have been good if we didn 't. This paper will explain why the United Sates should join the war and what caused them to do so. With America being against joining the war and fighting the Germans, along with the Japanese and staying neutral. Some people couldn’t stand not fighting the war and letting innocent people die over in Europe. Several American pilots had left America so they could fight against this enemy. Doing so would be treason against the U.S. and they would no longer be able to go back to the United States without being thrown in jail and prosecuted. "All had defied…

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