The Vroom Expectancy Motivation Theory Essay

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This case is about Paul Reed, a vice president and supervisor at Magic Eye, who is trying to understand the reason why his programmers in his firm, are not reaching their potential. For that matter, Paul seeked Muriel Tremblay who is responsible for the personal to discover the issue. Mureil then interviewed an employee named Jeannie Savaria who has been working for the company for over a year and discovered that there had been some lack of motivation from Paul.
According to Robbins, S. P. & Judge, (184). Motivation is the process that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal. In this paper, I will use the Vroom Expectancy Motivation Theory to explain Jeannine Savaria’s motivation and what can her supervisor do to improve her motivation.
Savaria’s motivation can be supported through the Vroom Expectancy Motivation Theory. This theory links the performance of an individual effort to his motivation with the purpose of increasing satisfaction and minimizing dissatisfaction. According to Vroom, the performance of an employee is based on individual factors; personality, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities. The Vroom theory accounts to three variables; Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valance.
Expectancy perceives effort that leads to performance. It acquires self-efficacy, goal difficulty and perceived control. Jeannine is aware of her exceptional technical abilities for someone who has just graduated. She is…

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