The Violent Acts Of Children Essay

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Children believe it or not are directly affected by witnessing domestic violence and witness it more than what should be acceptable (Fantuzzo and Mohr, Pg. 21). Diving into the deep secrets of the home, we undercover just how the children feel, and how they are affected by being witnesses to these violent acts.
In many ways the children are affected: cognitively, behaviorally, physically, and emotionally. One way that it effects them is that when the kids see their parents fight they will most of the time learn from them which, is a form of modeling. This will lure them into a life long tie with abuse. “Men who as children saw their parents physically attacked each other are three times more likely to hit their own spouses, women who witness it will be the victim” (Stone and Fialk, Pg. 95). Therefore, these violent acts can cause long-term effects on the children. Seeing relatives or loved ones bruised, burned, scratched causes emotional scares on these children and sometimes lead to mental disorders in the future. They will be more maladjusted then children who are not in homes with violence (Fantuzzo and Mohr, Pg. 22). These disorders can be anywhere from PTSD, to personality disorders, and many more. Also, most of the time being in these homes will also make it hard to get psychological help because they either hide their feelings or their parents tell them that they do not need help. While, not providing the child with these necessities is called health care neglect is…

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