The Violence Of Hepatitis C Among Young Women Essay

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I. Introduction In “The Everyday Violence of Hepatitis C among Young Women who inject drugs in San Francisco” by Philippe Bourgois, Bridget Prince, and Andrew Moss , it gives a glimpse at the everyday life of the women that are involved in the drug culture which underlines violence is normalized and overlooked. With the entanglement of the street drugs, these women are also in abusive relationship that result in economic isolation, power struggle, and substance abuse. Throughout this article, the main argument is the violence that is intertwined with the drugs, is normalized through the “love” concept, predatory practices, and jealousy. The characterization of this argument would be a open-ended discussion and is made to question the normalization of this daily violence.
II. Summary of argument “Patriarchal cultural scripts for behavior around gender and sexual power translate into specific microlevel practices of risky syringe handling and ancillary paraphernalia sharing. An intimidated or excited adolescent girl who has only minimal knowledge of how to earn money and how to inject drugs does not yet understand or recognize the various potential infection vectors in the mechanics of drug preparation and injection.”(Bourgois, Philippe, Bridget Prince, and Andrew Moss 2004:253). Repeatedly, the arguments hammers on the essence of the older men controlling the women and the violence that contributes into the abusive relationships. The larger portrayal that is put out with…

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