Essay on The Violence Of Hate Crime

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Why is so important to report these crime? When victims of hate or bias crime don’t report it, they only give more to the offenders. Bennett, Levin & Mcdevitt (2002), conduct a research studies that focus on offenders and the motivations of hate crime. Researchers hypothesis was that offenders want to send a message to these minority group as a way of fear and inferiority and let victims know that there are not welcome in their community. Bennett, Levin and Mcdevitt describe hate crime offenders in four different typology: thrill, defensive, retaliatory and mission. In the thrill typology, offenders usually act in groups. Defensive typology, offenders attacks because they feel tret for territory and political power. The retaliatory typology is more after 9/11 attack. They dehumanized the other groups and believe that everyone is bad about the other group. Last, mission typology is extremism violent against people and poverty. One of the finding in these researches is that hate crime is not too much to investigate. Second, bias crime usually are reported as other crimes. (Bennett, Levin & Mcdevitt, 2002) Is reported as regular assault not hate crime.
One of the big issue of hate crime is how there are show in the media. In most of the cases immigrants are described by the media as criminal that causes trouble. In the research article by Iribarren & Noriega (2013), they examined how commercial social media specific talk radio commercial influences hate crime in the…

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