Essay on The Village Of Valverde De Lucerna

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In the village of Valverde de Lucerna, there is a priest that is deceiving his congregation by making them think he is a Christian and that he believes in the resurrection of the immortal soul. The only two people in the village that knows his secret is his step-daughter Angelita and his step-son Lazarus. According to Howard Mancing “He has lived a lie all his adult life, sacrificing like a martyr, his own true belief for the sake of his innocent and ignorant parishioners” (Mancing). The priest San Manuel Bueno lives a lie his whole adult life because he becomes a priest in a village, but he doesn’t even believe in Christianity and is sacrificing his own religion. According to Angelita, San Manuel Bueno religion is “mine consists in consoling myself by consoling others, even though consolation” (Unamuno). San Manuel Bueno is a Martyr because he loves the people of his village, help the village people out, and his purpose was meant to live and die for my village. The first act that shows how San Manuel Bueno is a Martyr is his love for the people in the village. According to Angelita “His life consisted in salvaging wrecked marriages, in forcing unruly sons to submit to their parents, or reconciling parents to their sons, and, above all of consoling the embittered and the weary in spirit” ( Unamuno). He sacrifices his time to bring the families of the village back together by saving marriages and bringing children and parents back together to live happily again. He also…

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