The Viking Age : The World Stage As Pirates, Raiders, Traders, And Explorers

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The Viking Age was an era in European history during which the peoples of the Baltic and Scandinavia surged onto the world stage as pirates, raiders, traders, and fearless explorers. There are many controversies and theories as to why the Scandinavians chose, or were forced, to leave the far northern reaches of Europe. Various indications have suggested a possible population increase that correlates with available farming land, which in turn, connects to an increase of people looking to settle. However, there are also more economic triggers for the expansion of the Vikings in addition to other demographic and social aspects of Viking society. These include a variety of trading connections that have existed in the Baltic for years, the availability of valuable sources of monetary incomes for younger generations, and the ability to access foreign markets to garner wealth. The phenomena of the Viking expansion out of Scandinavia, between the 8th and 11th centuries, happened primarily as a result of the Vikings’ economic motivation to seek new lands and trade routes for increased sources of wealth and monetary income.
As with most theories detailing the Viking expansion, it is challenging to single out a clear reason as to why the Vikings left Scandinavia. When taking into account the various environmental, cultural, and political circumstances that intertwine with one another to create a uniquely charged socio-economic atmosphere, the assumption that the Vikings were, first…

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