The Views On Human Rights Essays

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Views on Human Rights Human rights are an important topic to many, if not everyone, in the world today. They have evolved substantially throughout history. It is a common theme in current discussion as to whether human rights are a moral and internationally legal obligation. Since there is no single view on human rights, there are several opinions on how to address the issue. Human rights for humanity as a whole can be divided between the universalists and relativists. Universalism and relativism views are hotly debated in international society today. Universalism in terms of human rights is adopted by many around the world. Essentially, universalism is the belief that “all humans possess the same rights and that they are immutable” (Rourke p. 455). Some people refer to these as “god given” rights, which are to be granted from god equally to all humans. These rights cannot be taken away under universalism, and it is the duty of the individual and/or their government to protect these rights. The United States’ Declaration of Independence mentions that “all men are created equal” and that they are endowed “with certain unalienable rights” (Thomas Jefferson et al. 1776). While it refers to men in this instance, it still contains the universalist notion that human rights belong to everyone. It is beyond governments to create human rights, as human rights are bestowed by a god or by the nature of human existence. Therefore, human rights morally cannot be repressed, as “all…

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