The Views Of Class Consciousness Essay

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The views of Class Consciousness have been a topic of discussion for decades. It has grasped attention in the late 1800 's by the famous philosopher and Sociologist Karl Marx. Karl Marx, just to give some background information, was known for his views on the economy, politics, and Society. Marx believed classes were defined based on relations to the means of their production and capital investments; while others believe it is defined by income, social status, education and occupation. Based on Class categories the textbook says there are 5 categories; Upper class, upper middle, lower middle, working class, and lower class. Although these are the categories of class, most people do not use the same categories to this text. Most people do not claim to be lower class; they claim to be middle class and they get away with it because it’s the most vague class. Studies show that the majority of people try to place their selves in middle class because that is the class that is the vaguest.
The Social Class is broken down into five categories. The first category is upper class. Upper class is the Prestige Investors, heirs, and top of corporate America; it only makes up 1 percent of the population. Wealth is not the only important factor that determines your class; economic capital, Education, and Social status also have a lot to do with social class category. The next Status is Upper middle class. Upper middle class, which is also called new money class, is hard to become a part of…

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