The View Of Morality And Religion Essay

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I will argue for the view that Morality does depend on religion due to the following: God 's existence, the divine theory, commandments, beliefs and etc. From bibles and scriptures has stated that without God we wouldn 't follow from what 's right and wrong beliefs. Taking such actions to commit and follow and that 's how we would know and develop our moral behavior. Since God, is known for the creator of the universe, creating rules to follow, and he 's the divine person who is always morally right and morally better. We 're supposed to be influenced to do good, and not bad because "if we commit bad actions that would be known as, sins then, therefore, we wouldn 't go to heaven." Therefore, there 's an argument based upon God 's existence that would lead morality to whether or not it would depend on religion apparently in an ethical perspective. But, research has shown, as stated, based on evidence of the book called, "C. S. Lewis 's Mere Christianity (1952),
"Favor religious arguments for morality rather than moral arguments for religious belief, but if someone believes that morality is in some way “objective” or “real,” and that this moral reality requires explanation, moral arguments for God 's reality naturally suggest themselves."
"The apparent connection between morality and religion appears to many people to support the claim that moral truths require a religious foundation, or can best be explained by God 's existence, or some qualities or actions of God."…

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