The Vietnam War Of Vietnam Essay example

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The war in Vietnam lasted for nearly 10 years and took a toll on both the American and Vietnamese people. The war in Vietnam produced large numbers of casualties and a rapid loss of support from the American people. The American leadership, both in Washington D.C. and on the ground had a lot of responsibility for the outcome. This is a piece of history that we don’t want to repeat in the future. This paper will prove that the Vietnam War was almost impossible to win and caused great loss and suffering for both the American and Vietnamese people. It would take years to recover from this loss.
The U.S. Involvement in Vietnam In 1965, “the first U.S. American troops arrive in Vietnam; the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade and they are sent to defend the U.S. airfield at Danang” (A Vietnam War Timeline). After President Kennedy’s assassination in 1965, it was President Lyndon B. Johnson’s responsibility to decide what America’s role would be in Vietnam. This event would throw the U.S. into a war that most people wished wouldn’t have happened. The real question is why were we fighting in the country of Vietnam and what did we have to gain from the war? There are many sources that have different opinions for why we were there and what the American interest is in Vietnam. It is stated that “the United States entered the Vietnam War in an attempt to prevent the spread of communism” in the region (Sczczepanski, 2015).
The main reason that some Americans think we were…

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