The Veil And Its Horrors Essay

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The Veil and its Horrors The Veil created many terrifying effects in the past years, especially on African Americans such as discrimination. African Americans feared the Veil as it damaged their family and segregated them from others. Du Bois felt the Veil separated Africans Americans and whites primarily hurting African Americans. As Du Bois grew up he noticed another side to the way people viewed him as a person. He noticed society judged him on his skin color and not for what he actually stood up for. In The Souls of Black Folk Du Bois speaks on initial encounter with the Veil, “Then it dawned upon me with certain suddenness that I was different from the others… but shut out of their world by a vast veil” (Du Bois 8). As Du Bois grew, his mind slowly opened to the reality of how white people constantly judged him and other African Americans. He felt no one cared to actually get to know him before judging him and ultimately shutting him out for simply skin color. Du Bois also speaks on how he saw the differences in environments between the two races “I have seen a land right merry with the sun, where children sing, and rolling hills lie like passioned women wanton with harvest. And there in the King 's Highways sat and sits a figure veiled and bowed, by which the traveler’s footsteps hasten as they go.... the problem of the color-line” (Du Bois 34). This metaphor explains how whites and blacks lives slowly shifted farther apart from each other, and explains how whites…

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