The Value Of A College Education And Its Impact On The Life Of Individuals

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Education is considered as a significant factor in the growth of a country’s economy, influencing the researcher to study the value of a college education and its impact on the life of individuals. In order to enlighten its audience on the value of a college education, the reading by Delbanco, presents an analogy for further clarifying the way one may pursue the worth of higher education. The reading states that eliminating smoking would eradicate cost associated with providing care to the smokers who suffer from lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema or diabetes. However, when one actually examines the whole and not just the particulars; it can be observed that by eliminating smoking mortality can be reduced, as people would live longer, hence the cost of treating chronic ailments and old age homes would increase (Delbanco, 507).
Therefore, stating that eradicating smoking would increase the life expectancy by reducing the cost incurred to the economy is not the most effective way of emphasizing upon the drawbacks associated with smoking. Moreover, exhorting the idea that non-smokers lead a better and healthy life than smokers would be the more appropriate way of establishing the fact that smoking is notorious. Therefore, counting the value of college in economic terms may not bring any good, but enumerating its positive influence on the lives of the students would (Delbanco, 507).
It has been debated that college degree provides financial security to a person; moreover,…

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